Our Team

Johnny Hodge

Johnny is graduate of University of Oklahoma and Northern Kentucky University as well as Covington Catholic High School, a life-long resident of Northern Kentucky and the fearless leader of our real estate team. He has served as Past President of the Northern Kentucky Association and was a integral part in changing the atmosphere of the Association to a more cost effective, and member friendly environment.   Johnny’s enthusiasm and unmatched energy have earned him numerous awards including NKAR Rising Star Award (2007), Above and Beyond Award (2009), and NKAR Realtor of the Year (2011). Through his efforts on behalf of his fellow Realtors he has been garnished a local and state level respect.

Johnny has a high level of energy and enthusiasm exude through his personality. People can feel at ease talking with him and he is trusted in terms of real estate knowledge and experience. He is a strong advocate when speaking on behalf of his clients and will go above and beyond to get the best outcomes for them. He is notorious for his charisma, this is important in the real estate market because this is a business of making & maintaining relationships. Johnny is very successful at creating successful business relationships to surge his business into the future!

Rachel Morrow

Rachel was born and raised in Northern Kentucky. She attended Cincinnati State where she earned an Associate of Arts and later graduated with honors from Northern Kentucky University. Her role has evolved from coordinating the administrative duties of The Johnny Hodge Team to working directly with buyers and sellers. She remains driven everyday to provide her clients, partners, and sphere with a high level of service  through clear, concise answers and fluid communication.

“We had a great experience purchasing our first house. Rachel answered all of our questions immediately and kept us up to date on every step of the process. I would recommend them to friends and family. Rachel was on it every step of the process!”- John Wehr

“Rachel was awesome. She knew exactly what we wanted and was able to pick the house we bought before I ever saw it. She got us an appointment as soon as physically possible. She was unbelievably helpful. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.” – Caitlyn Todd